Revash Mortuary Complex


Used as a sacred burial ground by the Chachapoya, whose culture flourished in the cloud forests of Peru from the beginning of the ninth century until their subjugation by the Inca in the 1470s, the Revash site is composed of a series of chullpas, or stone tomb chambers, nestled in the limestone cliffs overlooking the Utcubamba River.

Revash Cliffside Mortuary

Cliffside  mortuary

Cliffside mortuary

These limestone formations, laid down in even layers over geological aeons, tend to break away in neat collapses, often leaving extensive overhangs and protected ledges beneath them.

Revash complex

Revash complex, Santo Tomas de Quillay, Peru

Revash complex, Santo Tomas de Quillay, Peru

The Revash chullpas are built of small stones set in mud mortar, plastered and painted in cream and red. Some chambers have two levels and contain hundreds of funerary bundles.